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Ultimate Tasmania Travel Guide: Art, Adventure, and Apple Cider

Tasmania, a haven for art enthusiasts, history buffs, and nature lovers alike! Here are some of the best places to visit on a 2 week trip to Tasmania, Australia. The great thing about Tasmania is that there is so much to see in such a tiny island, so drive times aren't as arduous as the rest of Australia.

GOOGLE MAP link at bottom of post.

Richmond historic bridge overlooking a stone house
Illustrated map of Tasmania's best spots to visit in Vintage sepia colouring

I painted a lot on our way around, I always think there is nothing better to get you out of a rut (creative or not) then a change of scene.

In Tasmania somehow life seems slower, the food tastes fresher and even the air is sweeter.

mood board of tasmanian photos, and countryside

You can fly into Launceston or Hobart from any capital city in Australia. Or you can catch the Spirit of Tasmania from Geelong (near Melbourne) to Devonport, there are also option to take your car/caravan on the boat. We did the overnight sailing and chose a recliner instead of a cabin, the comfort level was pretty good, certainly better than a long haul flight in economy, so if you are trying to save pennies go for this. 

Looking back at port arthur's ruins of the stone colonial buildings

 Port Arthur: A Glimpse into Tasmania's Past

Discover the hauntingly beautiful ruins of Port Arthur, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Walk through history and imagine life in Australia's most notorious penal colony.

Tasmanian jetty on a lake

They have a fantastic interactive museum, full of tales of the hardship and resilience of the convicts, along with the sometimes petty crimes for which they ended up being transported in the first place.

You can't help but be moved when hearing of 10 year old boys transported in horrendous conditions for stealing a bit of cheese.

colonial houses of admirals at port arthur, with beautiful gardens
Boats on the water in Tasmania, a slower pace of life

Remarkable Caves 

Just up the road from Port Arthur is a Nature walk along the cliffs to Remarkable Cave, a cave formed by the sea eroding the sandstone over thousands of years to form amazing geometric pillar type formations. A hidden gem.

Remarkable Caves on the Tasmanian coast, Rocky beaches and a dirt track bordered by towering gumtrees.
Watercolour illustration of Tasmanian Blue gum tree from sketch book

 There were so many gorgeous towering Tasmanian Blue gum trees, I had to get out my sketch book and paint them for my new tree series

Make a day of it in Launceston.

Launceston has lots of beautiful old buildings, Cataract Gorge is a great spot for a walk and the National trust has lots of houses within driving distance of the city including Franklin House and garden and the oldest umbrella shop. 

Tasmanian Countryside, dry and parched ready for the incoming storm
Launceston bridge and gorge on a sunny day

Armalong Winery 

Armalong Winery and accommodation has gorgeous views across the river and vineyards, we stopped at a local farm shop and collected some cheese and crusty bread for a ploughmans style dinner watching the sunset.

Armalong Winery accommodation with a view over the river and vineyards and a cheese and wine dinner watching the sunset
Drive to Cradle mountain through the countryside


Stop in Stanley for the best seafood and a chance to see the penguins coming in after dark to their nests. There is a free nature platform with red lights to protect the penguins while giving us the chance to watch them waddle up the beach. It is FREE but if you can afford to leave some money at the collection at the front it helps maintain it for everyone. 

The nut maountain in Stanley, Tasmania and the beach leading up to it, where you can see penguins
hursey seafood restaurant with a lobster on top

Hursey Seafood Restaurant on the sea front is a short stroll from the center of town through the streets full of adorable workers cottages. If feeling energetic you could even walk up the top of the nut for a stunning view. 

Workers cottage in countryside tasmania

Cradle Mountain

Lace up your hiking boots for a scenic walk around Dove Lake at Cradle Mountain. Marvel at ancient rainforests, alpine heaths, and glacial lakes. You can only drive up so far and then park at the visitors center to catch the bus up the mountain, a great way to see nature while having a smaller effect.

Cradle mountain and the boat shed on an overcast day, a beautiful smooth dove lake
boardwalk and forest trees of the dove lake enchanting walk Tasmania

 The Dove Lake walk is around 2.5 hours and pretty easy, although there are a few stairs towards the end. Make sure you let people know you are hiking, the weather can change so quickly and take plenty of water.

boardwalk on cradle mountain and Wombats

 Keep an eye out for wombats, wallabies, and the elusive Tasmanian devil! We were lucky enough to see wombats around the cradle mountain lodge. They are so placid and sweet. 

wine glass by the fire

 Then back to a warm spot by the fire for lunch at Peppers Cradle mountain, after a big walk it feels so lovely to relax watching the flames. There is a Tavern with a lovely central fireplace and good food or a fancy restaurant option. Apparently look at for platypus too!

winding road to cradle mountain through the nature park
Evandale Tasmania and antique stores, stone cottages all in the sun
Antique hunting in Tasmania, copper pots and french antiques in a stone grand room

Oatlands Village 

Driving through we stumbled upon the above antique shop The Jardin Room which was full of antiques from around the world and everything was set out so beautifully it really inspired you for decorating with antiques in your own home. 

Evandale Village

On the way to Hobart make sure you stop in at the beautiful old villages, full of stone cottages, tree lined streets and some lovely antique shops. 

Starting at Evandale, a beautiful place to walk around with a beautiful pub and boutiques along the main street

French antique store in Tasmania, sculpture and hedges next to a blue window

Campbell Town

A beautiful hidden bookshop The Booksellers is full of both old and new books, always a treasure trove with some beautiful antique books too.

Lavender garden and a stone cottage
vintage leather bound books

 Ross Village

Definite stops are Ross, where they have 2 lovely bakeries, and a beautiful main street to stroll down. 

Vintage bicycles lines up with wicker baskets
Colonial stone Post office in Ross, Tasmania under the dappled shade of a tree
Stone colonial Australian cottage on sun drenched land in the countryside
Richmond village house in tasmania, stone cottage with a corrugated roof
Woolmers estate in tasmania, UNESCO site, with a large rustic barn and beautiful garden gate

 Woolmers Estate & Brickendon UNESCO World Heritage site

Visit Woolmers Estate near Evandale, for a beautiful day out at a historic house. A UNESCO world heritage site, it was originally built in 1817, it spans over 82 Hectares and is a beautiful homestead, providing a glimpse into the early European settlement of Tasmania and the progression of rural life in Australia across two centuries

The beautiful Rose gardens alone are worth a visit. 

Tasmanian rose garden to visit, white rose under a cloudy sky
Red roses leading up to colonial stone house in tasmania
Rose gardens to visit in tasmania, with hedged borders at Woolmers estate
Rust, peach, sage and lavender Country style colour scheme with reference photo of Tasmanian house

Richmond Village

Richmond is a MUST SEE, with lots of antiques and boutiques to see as you go for a beautiful walk through the town to Richmond Bridge, a gorgeous stone bridge.
Stone bridge in Richmond Tasmania, and the beautiful stream below

I loved the views from the side of the stream looking at the bridge I painted it for a travel print. 

travel print of richmond bridge in tasmania next to a basket full of flowers

 Mount Wellington/Kunanyi

Mount Wellington/ Kunanyi is a spectacular drive and an epic view at the end. Though wear warm clothes, we were there in December (Summer) and I made the mistake of wearing fetching linen pants-and promptly froze. The wind chill alone meant we ended up eating our treats we had planned enjoying looking out over the view, in the comfort of the car instead. 

View from Mount Wellington Tasmania

Huon Valley - Willie Smiths Apple Shed

Venture to Willie Smith's Apple Shed in the picturesque Huon Valley. They have a great lunch menu, weekly markets and Cider tasting. (Can confirm; delicious)

Willie Smiths apple cider shed, tourist trail through the apple orchards of the huon valley

Learn about Tasmania's apple-growing heritage and see the rustic apple paraphernalia.

Driving through the countryside full of orchards and stopping at the odd roadside stall, weathered boxes and chalk signs, full of fresh produce. 

roadside apple stall and geese stopping traffic on a country lane
Apple orchard and close up of green apples

Whether you're admiring contemporary art at MONA, hiking through Cradle Mountain, or sipping cider in Huon Valley, Tasmania promises an unforgettable journey filled with warmth, charm, and a touch of adventure.

When we got home I painted all my favourite spots from our trip to Tasmania and it's now a Vintage Travel poster style print available in my shop!

Vintage travel poster of Tasmania with rustic basket and pot plant styling

 Google Map Link


For the top places in Hobart check out this blog post


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