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artist eating ice cream in cosy denmark cobbled street


I’m Bec, I have worked as an artist & illustrator since completing my design degree in 2010.

I have an insatiable appetite for travel, art, history & the countryside this signature aesthetic is infused into my work.

cosy dog sleeping on couch in art studio

Life throws curveballs for us all, I’m interested in art as comfort for the soul.

A way to spark joy.

Every day.

Each piece serves as a daily reminder of the simple happy moments of the lives we have lead, to stop & enjoy nature and never stop wanderlusting for new places. (Who isn't cheery on holiday?)

This is a place for...

those curious observers, travellers, nature wonderers, nostalgics & meanderers.

The Artful at heart.

Based in Redland Bay

Queensland, Australia

I live in a little white house with a green door with my husband Joel, surrounded by the nature of the bayside, a constant source of inspiration.

I paint in my light filled studio overlooking the garden with a black Labrador; Dottie Perkins and miniature dachshund; Oliver at my feet.

I ship lovely artwork all over the world...

A little bit more about me...

paint brushes and flowers in a jar

In the studio

Rebecca eddison painting a dog oil painting still life in her studio
art studio desk covered in paintings and inspiration, colour swatches in a light filled studio.
Australian natives botanical artwork in watercolour with a reference book next to it.
pastel life drawing from brisbane class

Life drawing

The beauty of form

Native bee hive in brisbane with a garden bench and tools
timber Chinese carved desk with floral gallery wall and vintage books
country style painting of richmond bridge with a basket of flowers
travel sketchbook inspiration. watercolour sketchbook outdoor sketching

Travel Sketching

I always have my paints with me when I travel.

New Zealand Travel Sketchbook of old buildings and landscapes
sketching in a huge jacket in minus 1 in iceland on holiday

Sketching in -1 degrees in Iceland.

canals in Copenhagen cosmopolitan city

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