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Tour of Hobart: Sip, Savour, and Stroll!

illustrated map of hobart Tasmania Australia

Ideas for your next trip…

Hobart is a truly beautiful city, with its charming old stone cottages lining the streets, fishing boats stacked with rustic crab pots, and roses everywhere. Hobart is the cozy capital of Tasmania and is such a beautiful spot for a holiday or a weekend getaway.
We've had the pleasure of visiting this lovely city twice now, and each time, we find ourselves torn between our love for Brisbane and the allure of Hobart.
As I spent a whole afternoon painting from our hotel room, sipping on local apple cider and beer, I couldn't help but feel that Hobart was calling me back.
So, here's a list of top spots to visit on your Hobart adventure.

Google map at the bottom of post


stone cottage Hobart in Arthurs circus


I've actually made the initial line sketch I created on my iPad into a print as well, I liked the boldness of the illustration. I thought, hey, these would make pretty cool and modern prints too! So check out the store for your own...


things to do in Hobart Victoria Dock


Our adventure began with a late arrival in Hobart, and we headed straight to the Hobart Brewing Co, tucked away behind Victoria Docks.

The place boasts a large beer garden with a variety of brews on tap and live music – it's the perfect spot to kickstart your Hobart escapade.


Best places to eat in Hobart Tasmania

Victoria Docks

The Victoria Docks are lined with trendy restaurants, delectable food vans, and even twilight markets. This place is a foodie's paradise, and it's a bittersweet reminder that we only have to eat three times a day.

We chose the Drunken Admiral, an amazing old pub adorned with paraphernalia from yesteryear.


  Hobart historic buildings and museums to explore

Tasmanian Art Gallery and Museum

First stop on our culture tour is the Tasmanian Art Gallery and Museum, where history and art collide in a beautiful old building with huge timber beams.

You can explore the ningina tunapri exhibition, offering a fascinating insight into the first nations peoples resourcefulness.

The gallery then takes you through the development and effects of colonisation, showcasing colonial art and artefacts – a sobering and essential historical journey.


Historic sandstone buildings in Hobart, such a beautiful city


 MONA Art Gallery

For a change of pace, venture into the rebellious and delightfully quirky MONA Art Gallery. Think of it as an eccentric billionaire's treasure chest, filled with wacky exhibits and, of course, modern art that will leave you scratching your head. Don't miss the jaw-dropping subterranean displays or if you've ever wondered what a room full of digital poo emojis looks like, MONA has you covered!


Wharf at Victoria Dock in Hobart-best places to eat and take a stroll



For dinner, we dined at Franklin Wharf Restaurant and Bar, where we savored seafood while gazing out at the waterfront. It was a true slice of heaven.

I got a little overexcited because one of the market vendors had an alpaca with them, just sitting in the outdoor seating area, like it was a toy poodle. So adorable.


Hobart botanical gardens, roses in full bloom and lush sprawling lawn make it a perfect day out.


Botanical Gardens 

This is where 'Gardening Australia' films their vegetable patch segments, it has a beautiful cottage garden, a walled garden with a rose arbour and beautiful expanses of green grass with towering shady trees to sit under. We lay in the grass chatting for a few hours before visiting the gift shop-I’m a sucker for gardening goodies.


bike hire in hobart with beautiful vintage bikes


We were going to hire bikes, but I am a sucker for an electric scooter. It was a 15minute ride to the next destination.


Salamanca Markets fresh produce and beautiful crafts on display

Salamanca Markets

To wrap up our adventure, we strolled over to the iconic Salamanca Markets. You simply can't visit Hobart without experiencing this lively jamboree of local produce, artisan crafts, and general festivity. You'll find everything from fresh produce to handmade trinkets – perfect for meaningful & useful souvenirs! Joel swears he had the best seafood chowder of his life here, while I put away several baked goods while I wandered the stalls.


For a more peaceful shopping experience, be sure to arrive early; we were heading home by about 10 a.m., and it was starting to get quite busy.

Just up from the markets, you can take a leisurely walk up the hill towards Battery Point, a suburb full of the sweetest workers' cottages and quaint little laneways. Our walk led us to Arthurs Circus, a charming row of houses surrounding a lovely little round park.


beautiful ironwork on house in hobart, modern country style

Room for a Pony 

Our friends highly recommended the pizza at Room for a Pony, and it did not disappoint. We sat outdoors under the shade of an umbrella, savouring the pizza and enjoying some excellent people-watching – it's the ideal spot to unwind after a day of adventures.

We took a leisurely stroll to the gin garden next to Lark distillery outlet.

We lounged in comfy deckchairs, sipping on cocktails until our grumbling tummies led us to "In the Hanging Gardens" beer garden for some dinner.

This plant-filled precinct has a range of kitchens to choose from, offering various cuisines and beers on tap and a live stage. It is an amazing setting, with its massive steel cathedral and greenery everywhere, lots of seating too

– a detail that, ever since I turned 30, has become increasingly important to me.


Bakery Hobart macarons and sweet treats


The next morning, we stopped by Jackman & McRoss, a rustic bakery we'd spotted the night before during our walk. It didn't disappoint – with flaky pastries and scrumptious Portuguese tarts, it was a delightful start to the day.

We initially thought about taking our coffees and treats for a picnic atop Kunanyi/Mount Wellington, a lovely idea.

However, when we got there, it was blowing a gale straight from the Arctic, so we huddled in the car, munching our breakfast before venturing out for a token quick snap on the mountain. It was well worth it, though!


View from Mount Wellington near hobart is a great day trip


I adore Hobart, so it only made sense that it was the very first map I painted for my travel prints series – a collection of art

I've been creating these just for the joy of having a constant reminder of the amazing places we've explored.

It's a little nudge to ourselves that even when life gets a bit too hectic, we should never forget to have some fun. 

When we visit somewhere it is so important to collect little reminders of our time there.

Map of cultural spots in Tasmania, art galleries, breweries and restaurants. 


 Dachshund sitting in front of an eclectic gallery wall full of vintage finds and travel prints

I chose the clean lines version for my wall at home. So now I have a daily reminder. Lovely!

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